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There are not that many amenities inside the gated community. The Heritage Springs Homes only has a clubhouse and a guardhouse watching over the gate. Speaking of the clubhouse, if you live in Heritage Springs, you will gain access to the community clubhouse, where you can go to when you want to rest, relax, and take in the view. The Heritage Springs clubhouse is actually an impressive looking piece of architecture. It looks like a grand pavilion more than a clubhouse. Additionally, if you want a place where you can hold parties and other events, you can rent the clubhouse and use it for whatever reason you have.

Around the clubhouse is a landscaped garden area where the residents can go to if they want to pass the time. There is also a playground for kids behind the clubhouse, allowing you to bring your children there so they can play and use up all their pent up energy. Now, if you are someone who is looking for some exercise, there is a full basketball court just beside the clubhouse. Here, you can work on your shooting on your own, or you can meet with your friends and maybe play a couple of rounds and work up a bit of a sweat.

The total land area of Heritage Springs Homes is a staggering 27-hectares, which means that there is a large network of streets and roads that connect the homes with each other. Speaking of the streets, all of the roads are smoothly paved and quite wide, so emergency vehicles such as fire trucks and ambulances will not have any trouble plying the streets.

Security is also not a problem. Even though there is 27-hectares of homes to keep safe, there are plenty of security guards who will regularly patrol the community to make sure that no outsiders have gotten inside the community uninvited. There is also a guardhouse integrated within the main gate of the compound, which is constantly manned by at least one security guard keeping an eye on anyone passing through. In case the security guards got distracted, or were busy attending to other important matters, a CCTV camera will always be watching over the main gates.

There is also a regular sanitary service that makes its rounds through the streets of the community so you really do not have to think about what you need to do with your household waste. You just need to leave your garbage bins on your front yard during the days where the service will be collecting garbage in your area.

As you can see, there is nothing much to explain about the amenities in Heritage Springs Homes, as of writing this article anyway. Since the community is still in the process of preselling homes, the future plans for developments in the area are still under wraps. However, since there is a strikingly large number of people who are interested in living in Heritage Springs, the developers might be announcing what they have been planning in the near future.

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